SAC Fitness Class Descriptions

Early Bird Boot Camp

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Challenge your body and mind with this high-intensity class that combines agility drills, plyometrics, strength training, and speed workouts to get your day and metabolism started on the right track. The endless variety of exercises ensures no two classes are the same and there are NO limits to what you can achieve. Enlist to get fit today!


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A simple, quick, demanding class that focuses primarily on "tightening" and "toning" the problem areas of the body. Add it to your cardio routine and see the benefits today!

Power Abs

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One of the best ways to prevent injuries is to build a strong core. Power Abs is designed to do just that! This compact class targets the entire abdominal area for a complete core strengthening workout.

Prime Time for Seniors

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A total body workout program designed for seniors. Join us for a variety of exercises that are designed to increase muscle strength, range of motion, agility, joint stability, flexibility, and balance. Stay strong with this program that is specifically designed for the "young at heart"!

Slow Flow Yoga Plus

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Extend your Yoga practice with this special class time the second Saturday of each month. A slow, flowing sequence will encourage strength, stamina, and flexibility. Class ends with the last 15 minutes of guided relaxation...a great way to unwind from your busy work week.


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Tabata interval training is the single most effective type of high-intensity interval training, while also being the shortest in duration. Each exercise is 20 seconds in duration, followed by a 10 second rest for a total of 4 minutes. Research has shown that this type of interval training produces much better results than simply aerobic training. This versatile class can be used for weight loss as well as improving performance in aerobic and anaerobic sport. Try out this new, high energy class and start seeing the results to a new and improved you!

Water Aerobics

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Get your body moving in the water with this high energy, interval-conditioning class that transitions between cardio and strength training, all while in the pool. This no-impact class is designed to get a great, whole body workout while safely protecting the joints from impact while in the water. Get a great, refreshing workout that will propel you into better health!

Water Exercise Plus

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This gentle, no-impact class is designed to safely move joints through range of motion. This shallow water workout keeps the joints moving while improving agility, strength, and overall fitness level. This one-of-a-kind exercise class is designed around the abilities of people with arthritis and other related issues.

Workout Express

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This quick, 30 minute class combines intervals of cardio and weight training exercises that challenge the entire body. If you are looking for a fast, complete, high-intensity workout-Workout Express is the class for you!


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Are you ready to party yourself into shape? Zumba is an exhilarating, effective, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party that is fun for all ages. Join the party today for this unique, fun-filled workout!

Yoga & Slow Flow Yoga

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Want to take a break from your busy day for a relaxing and challenging workout all in one? This popular class will focus on breathing and mind-body connection by incorporating a flowing style of Yoga as well as strength-building through held poses. Experience all of the wonderful effects that Yoga has to offer!